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Learner’s English provides interactive English language solutions for students and teachers of the English language. Our courseware is used the world over to quickly improve all aspects of the language, including students’ speaking, listening, reading and writing skills.
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Learner’s English Software

Each course contains over 400 hours of instruction time. Our software is streamed to you via our secure server, allowing you to log in as many times as you like, whenever you like. Our software contains thousands of games, lessons and sounds to engage the learner and ensure that learning English is an enjoyable experience. Sign up, log on and start streaming courses live to your computer.


Course Features

The Learner's English Software suite

  • Hundreds of interactive English language games and word puzzles
  • Thousands of English audio samples, illustrations, cartoons and photos
  • A comprehensive curriculum planned out by world-class English teachers
  • Customisable interface and tools such as bookmarking and volume control
  • Revolutionary navigation interface for flicking easily through lessons and chapters


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Jenny Chou, Shanghai
Bravo! Finally we have a program that my family can use from home, and my kids can use at school. Its a great software program for people of all ages and that's part of the appeal. English language software such as Learner's English is paving the way forward for online learning the world over!
John Tsu, Hong Kong
Learning English is great when you can use an interactive program such as this. It contains thousands of audio files to show the correct pronunciation of words, plenty of games, images and a dictionary. It's the perfect learning tool!